Just Because You Were Arrested Does Not Mean You Are Guilty!

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A high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) can be challenged in court.  Even if your BAC was greater than the legal limit at the time of the chemical test, LYTEL & LYTEL, LLP lawyers can consult with forensic alcohol experts to determine if it actually was over 0.08 (the legal limit) at the time you were driving a car.  He can determine if the police lawfully detained and arrested you, if the field sobriety tests were administered correctly, if the officer administered the blood, breath or urine test in accordance with Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, and if the law enforcement agency can prove that their testing device was functioning properly during your test.


Remember, you have only ten calendar days from the date of your arrest to stay the suspension of your driver’s license. You should make every effort to determine if these charges could be dismissed or if you could obtain a reduction of the original offense which can possibly save you a substantial amount of money and your driver’s license. 


You will automatically lose your license if a DMV Hearing is not set within ten (10) days of your arrest date.  Call LYTEL & LYTEL, LLP lawyers  immediately to obtain a copy of your police report and to prepare a case to defend your rights.


LYTEL & LYTEL, LLP lawyers  will make court appearances so you will not have to be present. Free Initial Consultation (805) 963-8100.  He will handle DMV hearings, appeals, discuss potential strategies and answer your questions including:


  • Is it possible to have these charges reduced or dismissed?
  • Can I obtain a restricted driver’s license in lieu of receiving a suspended license?
  • What are the alternatives to serving actual jail time?
  • Can I arrange a payment plan for the fines?
  • What will happen on my court date?
  • What happens at a DMV Hearing?
  • What is the legal fee to have everything handled for me?


Most people charged with Driving Under the Influence [“DUI” – VC 23152 – (a) is driving ability impaired, and (b) is driving over the legal alcohol limit] have a variety of concerns regarding the legal penalties, fines, possible jail time, how to arrange for SWAP in lieu of serving time in jail, what usually occurs at DMV Hearings and how to save their driver’s license or arrange for a permit to continue to drive to work and/or school.  You may consider several types of defense strategies which could possibly save your driver’s license and keep you out of jail. 


It is important for you to understand that you are now subject to two separate complex systems; the Superior Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Each has its own unique rules and penalties.


The Santa Barbara Superior Court usually imposes the following penalties for a standard DUI FIRST OFFENSE: a minimum of 18 days in County Jail suspended for a three year unsupervised probationary period, a fine of $1,300.00, a $125.00 victim restitution fee. Other terms and conditions include obeying all laws, complete an alcohol counseling program of 31.5 hours at a cost of $495.00, and do not drive your vehicle with any measurable amount of alcohol or without possession of a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance during the probationary period.  The penalty including actual jail time can increase according to a high alcohol blood content, auto accident or other factors that aggravate the offense.  Of course, a second or third DUI conviction carries more serious penalties.


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