Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency


I am one of the only Central California Area private attorneys with experience in juvenile criminal defense law. Indeed, I often serve as a judge in “Teen Court” and have handled substantial numbers of juvenile delinquency matters and represented kids charged with nearly every type of offense charged in California, including, but not limited to all types of theft, assault, robbery and drug offenses.


While I represent adults in all types of criminal matters, I love working with kids and helping them and their parents achieve the best possible result with respect to the charge(s) and the sentence (what is known as the “disposition”). Prior to the first court appearance, I spend a great deal of time meeting with the minor and parent(s) to explain the court process and develop an understanding of the minor and the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense(s). My goal is always to make the process more understandable and less daunting, and ultimately, to develop and execute a sensible strategy to protect the minor’s record for the future and achieve the best possible outcome.


Many times, I am able to obtain a dismissal of all charges by persuading the Court, the D.A. and the probation officer to allow a minor to participate in a program (e.g. Informal Supervision, Deferred Entry of Judgment, Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, etc.). I often resolve matters at the time of the first or second court hearing. This means you and your child will not have to come to court three or more times, the average in most cases, and miss valuable time from school and/or work.


I would be happy to discuss your son’s or daughter’s criminal case and my reasonable fee structure with you at no charge.

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